Yvonne is a devoted follower of Jesus, a grandmother and lover of doodle dogs.  She grew up on California beaches, but now calls her home in the flyover country of rural Nebraska. She writes short mysteries and Inspirational fiction.
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  1. A Home For Hope
    ALICIA BENSON found unconditional love through therapy dogs during her battle with breast cancer. Now she dedicates her life to rescue, train, and find forever homes for unwanted pets. She opens a dog shelter in a turn-of-the-century train depot, but the city threatens to close her business. Mega-rancher and single-dad, JASE MCCOLLOUGH, searches for a companion dog for his son, CODY, and visit a local shelter to meet a border collie named HOPE. Jase learns about Allie’s threat from the city and suggests she hosts a fundraiser to pay for the repairs. But as Jase spends time with Allie planning the event, he falls in love. Will Jase learn to let go of the past, or will his protective instincts prevent him from finding unconditional love after he learns her secret?
  2. The Firefighter's Match
    Alexa James' award-winning photographs of the Black Hills have sparked the attention of an arsonist who's been lighting fires behind her, then framing her for arson. Alexa declares her innocence and investigates clues left behind by the criminal to clear her name and save her beloved forest. Pursuit of the serial arsonist leads Investigator Matthew M’Cabe and his accelerant-sniffing dog directly to The Old Time Photo Shoppe, where award-winning pictures of smoldering forests draws his suspicion. Sparks fly when Matthew finds the feisty photographer as irresistible as her artwork. She might be the match he’s been searching for, but time is running out to dowse the town's suspicions that Alexa is the arsonist. Will they find the real pyromaniac before its too late?