Short Bio

Originally from southern California, Yvonne has finally landed in the flyover country of Nebraska with her husband of 35 years and two crazy doodle dogs.  She writes short solve-it-yourself mysteries for Woman's World Magazine, inspirational historical suspense, and wholesome contemporary romance.  Her latest novel, A Home for Hope, was a finalist in the Harlequin Love Inspired's Blurb 2 Book Contest, and has recently placed in the finals of the 2019 Touched by Love Awards through RWA’s Faith, Hope, Love chapter.  

Long Bio

Yvonne grew up on the beaches of southern California and has traveled the world extensively, living in places like Taiwan and South Africa.  In the early 1990s, she traded in her ocean views for the wide-open prairies of Nebraska, formerly known as flyover country.  She made her career as a church secretary and has been married to her husband for 35 years.  Together they've raised two children and are reaping the benefits in spoiling their grandchildren. 

Yvonne writes short solve-it-yourself mysteries for Woman's World Magazine and inspirational historical suspense, and inspirational contemporary romance.  Her latest novel, A Home for Hope, was a finalist in Harlequin Love Inspired’s Blurb 2 Book Contest and the 2019 Touched by Love Awards, through RWA’s Faith, Hope, Love chapter. 

When she's not writing or spoiling her grandchildren, you can find her having lunch with writer friends discussing new ways to poison victims, commit bank fraud, or escaping lunatics.

Other Fun Stuff!

  1. Woman's World Magazine
    Woman's World Magazine
    Yvonne's solve-it-yourself mysteries have been featured in Woman's World Magazine. Her latest mystery, Pinned for Murder, debuted in the April 27, 2019, edition.
  2. Yvonne's Office
    Yvonne's Office
    A quick peak at where I spend time noodling crimes of passion and inspirational fiction.
  3. Yvonne's Bookshelf
    Yvonne's Bookshelf
    I admit, reading is an addiction! My family has given up on me ever culling my collection.
  4. I Love Gardening!
    I Love Gardening!
    I had fun planting a container garden this year with this fun heart-shaped pot I found at Tuesday Morning, along with the mosaic turtle!
  5. Two Ewes for Yvonne!
    Two Ewes for Yvonne!
    I fell in love with this fun duo at a local tent sale and my husband bought them for Mother's Day. I smile every time I see them hanging out in my garden!
  6. Weird Sightings!
    Weird Sightings!
    A strange sight on Hwy 6, just south of Omaha. An airplane fuselage riding on the rail. You can't make this stuff up, folks!
  7. Lunch with Friends!
    Lunch with Friends!
    Here's a picture of me having lunch with two wonderful writers, Mary Connealy and Sharee Stover. If you happen to see us at a restaurant, do say hello!
  8. Smile!
    This is Allie, my Goldendoodle! Yes, she's actually smiling! Be still my heart!
  9. Chloe the Cavapoo!
    Chloe the Cavapoo!
    Chloe's a very opinionated, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle mix who speaks her mind during the editing process.
  10. Christmas Brunch with Friends!
    Christmas Brunch with Friends!
    The Nebraska/Iowa, American Christian Writers of America's annual Christmas brunch. Lots of talent sitting around this table!
Yvonne is a devoted follower of Jesus, a grandmother and lover of doodle dogs.  She grew up on California beaches, but now calls her home in the flyover country of rural Nebraska. She writes short mysteries and Inspirational fiction.
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